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    On this month's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about how the mainstream media is beginning to accept that cannabis users are part of mainstream culture, as reflected by TV shows like Showtime's Weeds. Next, the Dopefiend takes an in-depth look at the hottest new portable vaporizer on the market, the Pax by Ploom, and takes it out into busy central London to test-drive it on the tube and railway network in order to establish its effectiveness and stealthiness. Next, the Dopefiend talks about synthetic cannabinoid research chemicals, such as AM2201, and whether it's a good idea to swap illegal cannabis for these supposedly legal alternatives, before some reggae flavour from DopeTriber Steg G. Next, the Dopefiend is joined by DopeTriber TeenagePie, host of's new series Get High which launches next week. They talk about why the end of the world didn't come, but how the zombie hordes still need to be battled, thereby creating a need for TeenagePie's new fortnightly podcast, despite his fears. The podcasting pair go on to chat about the dangers of becoming a well-known weed user, the pros and cons of being open about our drug use, as well as wake-and-baking, why music is the perfect accompaniment to a high, old-school macguyver smoking methods and what led him to embrace the vaporizer revolution, stoner guilt, and what the DopeTribe can expect from his new show. Don't miss Get High next Monday, and the Cannabulletin with Homer the Stoner the following week! The Dopecast returns on Monday February 4th and the first Monday of every month.

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