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Nov 6, 2011
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May 17, 1960 (Age: 53)
kansas city metro area
medically retired

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Just Your Average Stoner, 53, from kansas city metro area

now hangin' out at a very chill site(also started by bert) called weed watch Jan 20, 2013

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Apr 22, 2014 at 11:09 AM
    1. Pharmafree
      now hangin' out at a very chill site(also started by bert) called weed watch
    2. MrsWeedLover78
      I just uploaded 2 photos can u take a look and give me some feedback please? thanks
    3. masamaaso
      KIrk whats up man ??? Excellent call on the show warehouse 13 I just finished watching season 1 and season 2 finished downloading this morning, I agree ,,A good Stoner show.
      Later Man.
      1. Pharmafree likes this.
      2. Pharmafree
        sup friend?! hope this finds you and finds you well.
        Jan 20, 2013
    4. bonniekvlt
      Heeey man i was friends with ya back when you had your other account Bpharmafree
      hows it goin? =)
    5. paopot
      hey man. dont know wats up but i caqnt post on the threads. ive got a question bout growing if you dont mind. here it is

      im into my 1 st week after germination and the body just folded like it lost wats inside

      2nd is that there is a yellow color crawling on the leaf from the base

      and 3rd is my temp is at 86f thats bad huh?

      thanks man appreciate
    6. jlk49
      Hey Pharma, Thanks for your opinion and the comment on "The Great White Buffalo" I am Glad to see that someone remembers these songs.Yeah I just got back to the stoner thing. I have always had the mindset but just returned to the smoking. I probably will try growing my own. I have an enclosed crawlspace about 4-5 ' high I just need to get some heatlamps or some other inexpensive way to keep things warm. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Hey I will talk to you later I got to get to work I have a Portrait of Robert Plant to paint.
    7. marleyfotwo0
      haha i believe it! (: You should look at my photos and tell me what you think and i'll do the same to yours dude!
    8. marleyfotwo0
      Dude i see you every where on this site! (:
    9. solarcell
      Morning kind sir, your up early
    10. makaha99
      Hey there!!
      I tried to send you a personal message 3 times, but the messages aren't showing up in my sent mail box, so I don't think you got those messages, so I'll thank you here....
      Thanks for subscribing to my channel!!!
    11. BipolarBunny
      Thanks for the advice :)
    12. kush1
      i would love to have a smoke with you if you are ever in scotland or vise versa :D !
      1. Pharmafree likes this.
    13. solarcell
      Thank you kind sir.
    14. Alikat
      hey, thanks for the tips, I'm going to do lots of reading before I buy anything, it may take me a while but at least I can say I gave it a go :) Looks like it will be the cupboard (closet) seems like my best option :) - kat
    15. Pharmafree
      thanks!,glad to be back... now if admin works down their list of things to do and get me squared away with a bpharma password i'll be even happier. something tells me there is probably a new tune to name
    16. Nimbus
      Good to see you back!
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    May 17, 1960 (Age: 53)
    kansas city metro area
    medically retired
    Gender: Male
    United States
    Stoner Status:
    Medical User
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    i've set spaceman by 4 non blondes as my vid for various reasons:

    1) no lyric I've yet to hear matches my personal thoughts regarding the good herb and it's current legal status better then their line of: I can't grasp what is not real so I'll get myself real high and imagine I'm a spaceman

    1a) there are also references to remembering living in another world(as anyone who has been through a life altering disability can identify with
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