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May 7, 2012
    1. solarcell
      Hey HL what's happining? Lookin forward to an update for your Blue Period grow. I'm shure your ladies are commin along and showin thier stuff.

      Be safe and reap the rewards!!!
    2. solarcell
      Hi HL was just wondering if you moved any of the blue girls into flower.

      Be safe and reap the rewards!!!
    3. solarcell
      When you ask how I turned my plants into little bushes I did'nt explain verywell and I apoligize for that.

      After the second leaf set not including the first rnd. leaves I fim. When the 2 new shoots come up from there I supercrop, but be patient before doing the supercrop and let them grow enough so you have room to squeese the main stems. Fim all the main stems 1 more time. Now I supercrop 2 more times and then let them be.

      You will end up with little bushes and many main colas. This process diff. causes the plant to take up more floor space reducing the # of plants you can have in your grow area.

      Be safe and reap the rewards!!!
    4. solarcell
      After I start my sedlings I fim after the third set of leaves has developed. the next time I super crop. Ecetra for 3 cycles.I end up with small bushes and many main buds.

      Be safe and reap the rewards!!!
    5. mrpeabody
      thanks for the feedback!
    6. hotlabbe
      Thanx, man. I think it is so cool that you can see the family tree of your favorite strain.
    7. BPharmaFree
      that link you posted has proven quite useful, thanks
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